Producer : Hyunsoon Lee

Branches Ministry is a non-profit Christian cultural organization that conveys how much God loves us through culture. Initially preparing performances for the Korean community, we are now introducing our first English musical to Canadian society. We have prepared this English musical so that second-generation immigrants and people of any nationality can participate.

This production is based on Pastor Max Lucado’s work “You Are Special.” Four years ago, we presented this play in Korean, and now we have translated and restructured it into English. Through this production, many people have found God, who loves them just as they are, and those struggling with low self-esteem have been deeply moved.

We hope that this production will bring great joy and comfort to the Canadian community.

Director : Eunjin Yi

There are many standards and measures in this world. How do we look at each other and our neighbors? Are we perhaps too accustomed to rating each other?

In preparation for directing this musical, I read the script multiple times, and I unfolded Max Lucado’s original storybook over and over. Through this process, I discovered how often I unconsciously grade others and their lives, and even myself and my closest family.

Amidst the chaos of grading, the warmest and clearest voice pierces my heart. “I created you with my own hands,” “I know your worth well,” “Come to me,” “I love you.” God’s voice resonates in my eyes and ears, and I hope that this resonance is conveyed through this musical.

A huge thank you and congratulations to our actors who have dedicated so much time and effort in bringing this musical to life. I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff for their invaluable support. I’d also like to extend a special thank you to Haneul for his continuous support and wonderful help!


This story begins in a village made of wooden people created by a carpenter named Eli.

The villagers carry bags adorned with golden star symbols and dots, traveling around the village and placing stars or dots on people throughout the day.

However, there is a raggedy patch named Punchnello in this village, always falling and creating chaos. One day, Punchnello encounters Lucia, a strange girl without a single star or dot on her body.

Punchnello’s desire is to receive a single golden star. So, he seeks out Elizabeth, the hero of the village’s grand star, to ask how to obtain a golden star.

Elizabeth discovers Punchnello’s talent for dancing and encourages him to participate in the Starry Royale, the village’s grand star competition. Despite the disappearance of kind Mr.Klee, Punchnello decides to join the competition. However, Golden Star Parade is ruined by the mischief of the village’s naughty Wemmicks, and people blame Punchnello.

In his despair, Punchnello is visited by Lucia, who suggests they go to Eli’s Forest. Punchnello agrees, and thanks to Lucia, they end up in Eli’s Forest, where Punchnello meets the carpenter Eli, who created him.

Meeting Eli, whom Punchnello initially thought was a monster, he experiences a father’s love. In that moment, one dot falls off Punchnello’s body.


Composer : Jehea An

I’m deeply moved by the times when I immersed myself in my work with passion, creating songs. It’s hard to describe those moments – they were challenging yet fulfilling.

Through the work ‘Eli’s Forest,’ I once again discovered the essence of ‘specialness.’ It’s not the fleeting joy or unstable self-esteem that disappears but the true ‘specialness’ found within warm and profound love.

I would like to express my gratitude to the dedicated staff of Branches Theatre, who always work hard to bring beautiful performances to the stage, and to the actors who put in effort to portray the richness of the characters. I am thankful to God, who always fills us with ‘special love.’

A special thanks to Hong Jun-young, who provided great help and shared concerns during the creative process.


1. Sun Rises at the Crack of Dawn
2. Golden Star
3. My Name is Punchinello
4. La La La – Lucia’s Song
5. I am the Winner ?
6. Elizabeth
7. Where the Truth Reveals
8. Chance Just for You
9. The Golden Star Parade
10. Cluster of Dots
11. Let’s Go to Eli’s Forest
12. Come Swish Swish
13. You Are My Child
14. You Are Speical

Special Track : Lucia